Electronics for 10th Sonic Screwdriver

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    I am a long-time lurker to this forum, and am also in the midst of personally assembling a Sonic Screwdriver like the one used by the 10th Doctor. As I have seen that this topic is sometimes a tense one on this site, I should state for the record that I don't have much of any interest in constructing an EXACT replica that is "100% accurate" or otherwise. Truth be told, this screwdriver is meant to be a gift to someone very dear to me... but I digress.

    My reason for posting is this - I am looking for helpful tips on doing the wiring for a Sonic Screwdriver from scratch. I understand that it is very easy to simply cannibalize one of the toys to get the necessary parts, but as a Mechanical Engineer I am also very interested in increasing my knowledge of electronics - the project will be both a test of my existing CAD/CNC skills, and a chance to acquire new ones in electronics, I hope.

    In the interest of the pursuit of knowledge, I ask if anyone has an electronic diagram/schematic of the LED light and buzzer, and any helpful suggestions on where I could find a buzzer that makes the Sonic's distinct sound? Electronics were never my strong suit, and I'm a bit weary of getting electrocuted due to a careless error (one of my fears... long story involving cattle fences and an idiot brother :rolleyes hahaha). As an aside, I am also curious about why photos from "Behind the Scenes" show the Sonic in a case containing AAA batteries, yet most of the builds and toys choose instead to use 3 LR-44s? Is it simply because of the voltage difference or is there more to this? I ask because it seems more economic to use a AAA.

    Again, any and all constructive help is much appreciated - I've seen no posts here or elsewhere on the subject and was hoping for some friendly assistance. Thank you!
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    I think I can answer your battery question. The filming props use different batteries because they didn't need the extra room for sound.
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    Those are not the AAA batteries in the box (they are a bit smaller). They are smaller 12V battries. I think the Duracell equivalent is 12V MN27/A27.

    I think you will need an audio circuit to record the sound if you want it to sound like on the show (not a buzzer).

    You are not likely going to get electrocuted with this. Your brother did not trick you into peeing on the fence did he :lol:lol:lol

    Found the photo.

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