Electric Batpod Project.


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Hey all,

I've been working on this one for about a year and half. Obviously trying to make it as accurate as possible, but decided to go with an electric motor rather then the CBR 450 motor they used on the movie bike.

Here's my initial test. Not much room to move in my workshop. ;)

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This is my dream prop! It looks like pretty awesome!

Have you figured out the turning of the bike? I heard it is pretty awkward to turn it, well the movie version at least.


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It should turn like a car. I'll know after this weekend. Here's a video from a little while back.

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hey Brad great to see the Pod is coming along so well.
I`ve finaly mounted the tank i got from you, sits well on my Pod.

I`ve been lucky to meet Brad and see this monster in person.
Fantastic work.



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Did a little more tonight. Fitted the bars that would protect the radiator.... if I had one...lol..



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Hey Kev, Was a lot of fun. Making some adjustments now, including making a trailer so I can transport it to a more appropriate place to ride. Im curious to see how fast it'll go.


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This is totally awesome! I need to see as much of this as I can. It's awesome when super talented people make things like this and post it on the RPF.
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