Done / Completed Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim: Konahrik D.P. Mask Kits ***LAST ONE***


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Hey Skyrim fans, figured it was finally time to start getting a head count on my latest Dragon Priest mask, the mask of Konahrik. This is modeled by our very talented JTM, and printed up by myself.

Here's a nice pretty render of the model:


And here's the current progress. There is still some spot checking to do, as well as a little work on the seam where I welded the chin on. Nothing major, but not quite ready for casting just yet.




The tusks will be cast separately, and attach to the mask in a key slot. You can use epoxy to glue them on. The tips of the tusks have a sharp point, so you will need to be careful and try not to poke yourself or someone else when wearing or handling it (you can dull the points if you like).


Here's a side by side comparison to my regular Dragon Priest mask. They are sized evenly to be displayed together.


Included will be one slush casted mask, and the two tusks which will be pressure casted. They will be casted in SmoothCast ONYX, fast cure for the slush casting and slow cure for the pressure casting. Mask will be fully trimmed, and the tusks will be cleaned up, if any clean up is needed (possible flashing and such). Price for a kit will be $120 USD + shipping. I do ship worldwide. Shipping prices will be on a case to case basis. A rough estimate though can be given from past sales of my regular Dragon Priest mask. In the states it ranges from 7-10 dollars shipping via USPS First Class. To the U.K. was about twenty eight dollars, and a recent sale to Australia was twenty four dollars. But again, I'll give you an exact shipping cost once I have a shipping address and have the kits boxed up. I only accept payment through paypal.

This is a limited run, and I'll only be offering eight of these. I may offer finished ones as well, price would be $160 USD. I did offer a couple finished D.P. masks, and they did turn out well, but I'd rather wait until I have a finished one to show before taking any orders for finished ones.

Payment will be due at the time the kit is ready to ship, and all orders are first come, first serve. I will be finishing up the little odds and ends and expect to be making the mold this weekend.

If your seriously interested in getting in on the run, please post here or shoot me a PM. :)
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Re: Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim: Konahrik D.P. Mask Kits

Bump. Running a little behind. I had hoped to have my new air compressor for my pressure pot by now, but some things came up. Will be picking it up this week, and then pressure casting of the tusks can begin. All the masks themselves have been casted and I've slowly been trimming them up.

Got five of these babies spoken for, looking for three more spots if anybody wants to get in on these.


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Re: Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim: Konahrik D.P. Mask Kits

Down to the last mask. I have one more that I can sell, if anybody is interested let me know. I'll give it about a week, then it's going on Ebay. Mask comes trimmed and cleaned for $120 + shipping. If you'd like it painted, I can do that. Price for it painted and ready to go is $160 + shipping.

Here's an example of the cast prior to primer and painting:

Konahrik Cast.jpg

Just post here or shoot me a PM if you'd like to buy it.
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