Elder Scrolls Skyrim Morokei Dragon Priest mask


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I just beat one of these jerks in game the other day, and it wasn't enough to kill him and loot his body virtually; I wanted his head on my WALL. So I whipped up a quick 3d model, played around with milling clay on our 5-axis machine at work, and came up with this. It was an exercise to see if you could actually mill sculpting clay, which incidentally you cannot. The detail really didn't come through, but being able to change the scale of your part after you've already cut it once was pretty cool.

I'll have the scrap molded cast done tomorrow, and *fingers crossed* the final mold done on tuesday. Then on to cold casting!




Scrap cast.

Here's a quick clip of the milling process. ROBITS! 5-axis clay milling the Skyrim DragonPriest - YouTube
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Very cool. What if you used dry clay for the milling? Then you could touch up with more clay. Idk I've never milled or used clay so just a blind idea.
Damn, I've got about three in my collection (the masks, that is) and I've been meaning to make one of these masks since I've got my first one in-game. Beat me to it!
love the idea! got the krossis one in game. Was thinking on maby starting with a horned iron helmet or something from the game. like the one he got in the trailer. Cant wait to see the finished result!
I could have made one of these. But, I took an arrow to the knee.


Dry clay? I'm not sure what you mean by that....

The stuff I used was Chavant NSP-Med. It was a test to see if we can use sculpting clay on the mill rather than clay that are specifically designed for milling. If we can get decent results with sclupting clay, the mold shop has a MUCH easier time of cleaning up / making changes to the model after the fact.

I think for the next test I'll try NSP hard and drop the buck into the freezer for a couple hours to harden it up.
Was the friction from the milling causing the clay to melt? Hard is some pretty tough stuff but i guess if it heats up enough itll melt just the same. The freezer idea might work though, definitely worth a shot
Oh man, the minute i got one in game I wanted to make one for real also! I was thinking it would be awesome to have the wooden one, but I'd want to go a different route, I was thinking it wouldnt be too bad to create a rough shape with pepakura, and then go from there with bondo/clay for details and make a cast... I've never cast anything before though haha so I probably won't ever make it myself.
Fantastic job!
Nice! I have made a ton of props from different games, and I have been looking at quite a few things from Skyrim to build...I have thought about building a mask as well, but with my wife and I just purchasing a new abode, it will be next year before my shop is done, grrrrr...so you guys have to build stuff for me until I can build again...LOL
^^ Do it man! Pep can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. It's a fairly simple/small shape that would be modestly simple to paper fold.
Ah thanks peep! These would have come in handy while making the 3d model.

JEEZ, just finish already! I've got some minor clean up to do in all the nooks and crannies with this scrap cast, but it's nearly there. With a slick paintjob, I can imagine these would go unnoticed, but that's the bane of one who is OCD.

If anyone wants to sign up as my personal motivator - sending me hate mail and threats of violence if I don't finish my work on time, I'm now taking applications.

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