ELDER PREDATOR at Cosplay Got Talent

dude that was so beyond cool......she looked FANTASTIC and kicked ass you must be so proud of her..

i know i am...

thanks guys! hehe! we're so proud of her, after the performance fellow cosplayer approached her. everybody was all smiles! greeting her like an action star!...
Congrats to Belldandy Chii for winning the individual category!!
You once again bring Honor to the philippines and The Lair!! :)
Cheers to all!! *Predator ROAR!!*
[quote name='Ha'Khann' post='260925' date='Dec 5 2010, 04:19 AM']that was fantastic! to be honest, your daughter was better than the most of AVP movie crew :)[/quote]
Yes it is!! You are right with that man!!.

That's why i need to learn predator moves from master Belledandy Chii Grimarez
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