Elder Inspired Concept Bios Sketches


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My concept bios design skecthes inspired by Ancient/Elder Predator Bio:-

Scorpio Pred Bio Mask Concept:-
The Feature of the Scorpio Bio that i had in my mind - "Throwing Blade" that integrated into it bio mask & detachable to become deadly Throwing Weapon that the Scorpio Pred carry along with:-


Scorpio Bio:-

With Full Armor version(cheek cover):-

As Elder with Scar Marks:-

Elder Predator Bio helmet:-

Skull Bio:-

i'll like to see this Concept Scorpio Bio to be built in future..........what you guys think?

berserk wolf

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I believe you should go for it. I'm assuming you have the tools to do so? ;) I mean, this is a place you should let the imaginative juices flow, dude. So, just go for it!


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Thxs guys, i will post up some concept sketches of the feature for Scorpio Pred Bios suppose to have, which the weapon/ blade that integrated into it bio & it can be detach & attach to the bio, becoming "deadly throwing blade", as i try to create a unique feature for the Scorpio bio, which i had in my mind........what you guys think?
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