EL wire and tape battery box Hig pitch sound?.

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by familyman, Feb 17, 2012.

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    My son has a pair of EL wire glasses and the bettery box makes a high pitch noise when ever it is on, I just recieved some EL tape in the mail and it too came with its own battery box and when that is on it also makes a high pitch noise. I can mask it by covering up the battery box but is there anything else I can do?. Is it a loose wire or something?. When I have the EL tape flicker the sound flickers in time with the light. Any help please. It is not a big deal, mainly curious as to why this happens.
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    That's normal. Understandably annoying, but normal. As I understand it, that sound is just a byproduct of the current running through the device. Every EL setup I've owned/experienced had this high pitch sound. Most of it emanates from the inverter/battery box, so if you could just hide that in a pocket or something, it should go relatively unnoticed.
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    i second that.. it is normal as i use te stuff too, however on my props i find it adds FX to the pice when it makes a noise lol

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    i most recently built two sets of custom design prop armor and discovered the sound your talking about, after researching the basics of EL wire i found out that the high pitched hum comes from the current passed through the copper wire of the el wire. i counteracted this noise by installing some computer case fans that not only served to provide cooling for the armor, but noise dampening and an awesome effect.
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    thanks for all the info regarding this.

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