EFX Tron 1982 Helmet!

nick daring

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Can't wait to see this thing glow!


Anybody got any other pics yet?

Other than that one, this is the only one I have seen on my rounds.


Link for the huge version:


I like the way the details are recessed. I'm not sure if it was done intentionally but I always thought the way the circuitry was animated in the movie the lights looked like they had depth to them, if that makes any sense, even though I knew that the real prop had no depth and it was just black tape, mostly.

I'll be interested to hear if they started out with one of the hockey helmets and went from there, or just went straight to one of the screen used helmets and made it from "scratch".
That, is sweet. If I wasn't flat broke I'd be on this.:cry

You're right about the lights in the movie looking like they had some depth to them.

I could go all supernerd and point out why that is, but, yeah.

Really, it was just an after effect of the animation technique they used to make the costumes glow.

So lets not over think it and just enjoy it.:)
There's two circuitry lines on the front that aren't as accurate as I would want them to be, but than that, it's perfect!! Man...if I had any money, this would SOOO be mine.
Definitely on my next "must buy" replica list.

really want to see it lit.

Did anyone have a chance to talk to Bryan or anyone else at the eFX booth about this piece?
(let me just state the very obvious)
So it looks as if it's a blue, transluscent shell, then a thick coat of white paint on over it, then probably routed out the bits exposing the blue underneath.
Absolutely brilliant. Just light from underneath and it glows! :love
I don't know, but I wish I did Was there any mention of it at SDCC?

I just get the feeling that the Disney license is getting left on the back burner by eFX. Which really stinks because they could REALLY do a lot of cool items with just the Tron franchise. Really would love a eFX Legacy Baton or an Ultimate Baton Set, like the boxed set that CLU uses when challenging Sam.

I've already got the money ($500) for this helmet ready to go when and if it comes to market. Note: the amount I set aside is just a speculation on the price on release. It could be more, it could be less. haha
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