efx Stormtrooper armor video


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Needed Gino there. Will be surprised if this gets produced. I can imagine all the production and shipping nightmares that will be involved.


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Agreed. It looks great, but I'm quite sure I won't be ordering this if only available directly from EFX (even if I have twice the money for it). It could be an international logistical nightmare indeed.


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Preorder maybe coming soon and the taking of tour money, but then radio silence for 2 years after that.


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I wish Bryan would have clarified if it's a permanent fix to the mannequin or removable along with the under suit, etc so it could be worn if need be???????

I will never be skinny enough to look good in a stormy costume but I don't want a solid statue.

I know they can not sell it as a costume but I want to be able to take everything off the mannequin.


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Sadly there's nothing new to be learnt from the video.

I very much hope the armor is not permanently affixed to the mannequin.
I'm also hoping this is not available exclusively through eFX and will be obtainable from good retailers.