Efx layaway program-HELP


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Hi there.
I need some help regarding Efx.
I decided to purchase the Wedge helmet on layaway Jan 13 2015. Laid down the $200 no problem and have not heard boo from them since. I've e-mailed them half a dozen times from February when the second payment was due up until two days ago saying that I'll just pay the balance and get it over with. Still no response.
I've been dealing with these guys way back when they were Master Replicas and have a ton of their product but what gives?
If I don't hear back by next week I'm sending the e-mail trail over to MasterCard to have them get my $200 back.
I never received any forms to sign to allow my card to be charged for the payments...no communication except the receipt for the $200.
Has anyone else been in this boat? Any advice?

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