eFX ANH Stormtrooper Stunt Helmet - review


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eFX ANH Stormtrooper Stunt Helmet

eFX is one of the few companies out there that is super-specific about the products they release and the quality they attach their name to. With such beautiful releases like the X-Wing Helmets, Mc Quarrie Vader and the upcoming Legend & Limited Vader and Stormtrooper Helmets, it's nice to see they are also applying the same level of care to their "stunt" helmet line.

Straight of of the box I was stunned how nice this piece actually was. On a shelf it looks amazing, it's only up close where you can tell it's not a Hero version - although I'm sure there's some Stormtrooper aficionado's out there that will beg to differ :)

It is a symmetrically "idealised" version as the originals were all hand sculpted and asymmetrical. That being said, an idealised version for me is perfectly fine as my memory of the Stormtroopers is idealised anyway.

Packaging is minimal but perfectly fine and ensures a damage free product. The 30th anniversary design is still used with the black and grey and does the job, although it maybe time for a update Lucasfilm?

Again, this is the "perfect" representation of this iconic helmet, not the perfect replica. If you just want to put it on display and not study it with a microscope, I think you'll be more than happy. It looks and feels right. there is a certain "toughness" to the design that I think permeates with all Star Wars fans and has been nailed her with this representation.

The detailing here is excellent; even the "breathing cones" at the bottom of the mouth have really nice finite detailing on them.

The ABS plastic used is very solid feeling and complimented superbly by the rubber and foam extras; nothing feels cheap. The eye lenses are a little too green for my liking but it's an easy fix for anyone who wishes to do so. You can see by the attached photo they are connected by three screws on each lens, so access is very straight forward.

Clearly there's not much to the paint, if anything. The ABS has been finished with a heavy/thick gloss exterior coating which looks exactly like the real mc coy and finished off with decals.

This helmet represents SUPERB value for money. Those who have always wanted a Stormtrooper helmet, but could not afford the more expensive Hero versions - OR - simply for those more casual fans who normally wouldn't go for helmets but appreciate the iconic design - this helmet is for you.


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I like the te2 helmets more. Because they are more like the ones from the movie. Nice review man. Cool for what it is.:thumbsup


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Looks exactly like the old Master Replicas CE lid. I managed to get mine to look OK with quite a lot of modification.


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