Effective way to lighten facial hair?


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I'm looking for a way to lighten my facial hair for my Daryl Dixon costume. Daryl's facial hair is light brown/blonde mixed with some grey. Mine is blackish black mixed with a little black.

I found some brush in stuff at a wig shop that is used for eyebrows but it appears to be meant for those coloring grey. It isn't effective at all on my dark hair.

I see Ben Nye makes some brush in stuff but I'm wondering how effective the Taupe color would be on dark hair.

I'm not opposed to dying it if you guys think that would work. It certainly grows back fast enough that I'm not worried about temporarily having a miss-matched face.


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Skin Illustrator has one of the best palettes I've ever seen used specifically for hair coloring. At $80 it may be a bit out of people's price range but these things will last a lifetime.
For a cheaper alternative the best you can do is get some of those novelty silver hair coloring cans and spray some into a cup for drybrushing on. The advantage of the SI palette is it has multiple shades and gives it a realism that nothing else really can.

Hope this helps!

Here is a link. http://www.theengineerguy.com/Hair-Aging-Make-Up-Palette.html?sc=10&category=37189


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I forgot I posted this! I actually went out and bought a facial hair bleaching kit. The kind women use to hide facial hair. I applied it once and it lightened it quite well. Much better than I was expecting. I'm going to try using it teice before my next con and see how the results are.
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