EE3 style blaster pistol built from scratch ! (more build pics)


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I recently started the long journey of a full custom Mandolorian assassin costume for next years DragonCon. I started a new helmet a few days ago but today I started a Boba Fett EE-3 inspired sidearm. It will have a much shorter barrel extension than the rifle and possibly a red-dot sight instead of the scope, but will have the t-rail ridges on the barrel like the EE-3. I learn so much reading the write-ups on builds by Volpin, Blindsquirrel, and others that my props are getting better with every build, thank you to everyone who shares their experience in blogs and on the forum !

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Re: Mandolorian sidearm WIP from scratch ! (update)

I worked on my blaster some more today, I lengthened the barrel, added some details and added 16 barrel ridges made from sintra. I'm trying to decide if I want to add some kind of scaled down scope or red dot device to the top. I also need to finish the tip of the barrel.

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Re: Mandolorian sidearm WIP from scratch !

I learned something valuable about gun weathering tonight.... I SUCK AT IT !! lol Time to scour the interwebz for weapon weathering tutorials ! Also, spilling paint thinner on your self healing cutting mat lessens it's ability to heal.
Re: Mandolorian sidearm WIP from scratch !

My EE3 style pistol is mostly done, just some more weathering really. I added a scope that I made by shortening a regular scope. I'm not sure if I like it with or without the scope, but I noticed alot of Star Wars pistols and blasters have scopes so I thought adding one would make it more recognizable as a Star Wars universe weapon. Please give me your opinions, especially the scope. I'm here to learn and any feedback helps !

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Re: Mandolorian sidearm WIP from scratch !

I like the whole idea, and I like the scope idea. If you've got any resin "other" scopes laying around, or if you're ambitious and want to scratch build them, it might be interesting to see how it'd look with the other types, too. Good job!
Re: Mandolorian sidearm WIP from scratch !

Thanks guys, I think I'm going to find a better dovetail mount for it, and I'm going to dull the finish some ( of the whole gun) possibly with a matte clearcoat so it's not so shiny.
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