Edward Scissorhands Gloves HELP!


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Hey guys,
So I've decided on a new project of forming, molding and casting some Scissorhand gloves which will hopefully be a VERY close replica to the gloves seen in the film. I have detailed pics as well as a Movie Maniac's 3 action figure to model the gloves off of, but I'm a little stumped on what to use for the hinges and everything on the back "sleeve" section of the gloves. If anyone can help me out on all the "nick-nacks and pattywacks" that might have been used then I would really appreciate it. Once I have all the parts then I plan to reproduce and sell them in the junkyard in hopefully a few months or so. I'll attach some pics of what I have so far, as well as some detailed pics of the screen used prop gloves.





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