Echo-1 Polar Lights UK Build


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Hi All,

well... I've been a long time lurker and poked my nose in occasionally, but last week I bought my second model kit, the first one was the Voyager Kit and back then I had no idea what I was doing, it's since been long gone.

so with that said, I've now invested in the Polar Lights Ecto-1 and really do want to give her some love and attention, the only thing is I don't know where to start. I did go too a model shop this morning, stared at some paints and then went nope gonna get me some professional help. So have dusted off my account and came to the place where I know I can get the required help.

so my big asks, are where do I start? What's the best paints to use for the kit... Do I want to use a little glue to help hold it together even though it's a snap kit?

I will ill and can post regular pictures of status, hopefully with the many individuals out there for support together I can create something worth the time and effort to look amazing ^^

thank you in advance.



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Hey, I just started building the AMT Ecto 1a. I started with the body on the AMT kit because it will require the most work. I had to fill the joint lines where the fins were attached. Then sanded them. Priming, painting, wet sanding, clear-coat. Then decals and bare metal foil for all the chrome lines. Then while waiting for paint to dry, I am working on assembly and painting of other parts. I haven't documented my build so I have no pictures.

As for your specific paint question, I don't specifically what you have available in the UK but here in Canada I'm using Testors enamels. I a couple Testors aerosols for the big stuff (primer & white for the body) everything else will be done with my airbrush.

I look for to seeing your progress on this similar project.


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Thank you for the response :)

Would it be better to paint the model first and fix it together? Or build and then paint, by masking off the various areas first?

Secondly what was the colours or numbers you used? Might be able to find the equivalent over here.


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I assemble pieces that are the same colour, and then paint them. The AMT kit is a bit different that yours in that it is not a snap together so everything is glued. That said, it is still a pretty simple kit. I am in the midst of painting the body right now. I have a coat of primer and a couple coats of white gloss on there now. I need to wet sand it to get it smoother. After the primer stage, I masked the windows from the outside and painted the inside of the body a satin black to go with the interior because when assembled the inside roof will need to be the same as the interior colour. When I'm happy with the white then I will mask off the tail fins with 3M signmakers/pin striping tape and paint the tail fins red. Then clear coat the whole thing.

The most complicated thing, and its hardly complicated at all is the roof rack and all its components. I painted it white, after priming, and then used a paint marker to paint the black frame. I glue the tanks together (not sure if they are one or two pieces in your kit) then puttied and sanded the glue lines, primed and painted. That's where I'm at now. If you want more specific information there is a group build forum for the AMT kit over at The best build was done by a UK member, Nick-a-tron. Go see his build thread for lots of pictures.
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