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Discussion in 'Production Made Costumes and Props' started by Gazza, May 16, 2012.

  1. Gazza

    Gazza New Member

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    Im a new member im looking for some advice on whether some ebay sellers are selling genuine items as they provide their own COA's

    is it ok to list the names of firms concerned

    I just want to list them not provide links to them

  2. DocBlizzy

    DocBlizzy New Member

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    I'm not a expert but there are tons of fakes on ebay and anyone can make a "coa". Look for reputable sellers and always do as much research as possible and then do some more research. If its too good to be true - it prob is.
  3. .:MirrorminD:.

    .:MirrorminD:. Sr Member

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    Ya go for it. There are definitely some sellers you want to stay away from . Just keep in mind COA are pretty worthless not unless they are directly from a studio. Anyone can make them and throw a symbol or two on them or a foil/hologram sticker.

    If you can screen match the piece then thats all the proof you need. Also don't be afraid to ask for more detailed pics. If they are reluctant without a good reason than that should be a flag.
  4. Gazza

    Gazza New Member

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    The firms I am thinking of buying from are


    anyone heard anything good or bad about these ?

    and anyones on ebay you can recommend
  5. ForgeHyena

    ForgeHyena Active Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I haven't dealt with any of the above, but to reaffirm what's already been said, there are a lot of fakes on eBay.

    Personally, I automatically assume any paper goods or common, everyday are repros. Good example was the amount of sticks, rocks, and dirt that popped up overnight after the release of Blair Witch. Yeah, I've got some of those too—a whole yard full.
  6. .:MirrorminD:.

    .:MirrorminD:. Sr Member

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    hollywoodinsider1 - cant be trusted if you question his items theyll usually say they will be away and cant answer questions plus they have changed their username before. Plus they never offer wardrobe tags or list what episode their stuff is from

    only*the*best*4*u - same as above, they are extremely vague, plus it amazes me how many bras they can aquire from a celeb. Its easy to say a bra is from a movie if its not shown

    moving..image - is the only one im not sure about, never investigated enough.

    Celeb--chic - usually wont answer messages. They pass stuff off as screen used and even include wardrobe tags but theyre the ones making the tags. They are another 100% stay away from. Theyll also list clothes from a certain tv episode which the pieces werent even in.
  7. MrNixon

    MrNixon New Member

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    It's all about the research. Photomatching always is better than any paper documentation. Definitely agree with ForgeHyena about COAs, always assume they are fake until you can find definite proof otherwise.
  8. Propmasters

    Propmasters Member

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    A COA is only as good as the reputation of the person/business it comes from.

    Research is key, when in doubt ask around, there are only a handful of legitimate full time prop business sellers in the world.

    - David

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