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I've never heard of him/her but the Sculpted Yoda by a well known artist from the Argentina is interesting...

If the artist is so well known, then why don't they name the artist?

We have better Sculptors here at the RPF. :)


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Originally posted by Jamie Davison@Mar 19 2006, 05:01 PM
so do you think I should avoid this seller, just in case?
He is selling recasts of the MR clone helmets...not sure if he is the one recasting them personally but it appears he has some type of shop if you look at the back ground in some of the shots.....He might just be brokering/selling someone elses stuff and not actually doing the recasting themselves..Here is the link to the ended clone helmet auction:

Jamie Davison

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right..... so do you think he is safe to buy from? If he has a shop thats a good sign isnt it? he has 49 feedback form buyers, 47 positive and 2 neutral...