EBAY Seller. Indy Pickers

They take other people's photos to sell their junk. BEWARE. the crap they send looks nothing like the item in the listing. The Pitbull overboard photo was another persons work and the Mattel hoverboars is a stolen photo as well. If you ever see their boards, they are extremely non-screen accurate.
Indy pickers is currently running an ebay auction for a Robby the Robot full size replica for $3500. The auction ended yesterday with no takers. Yesterday I emailed indy pickers asking for more pics of what they are selling because the pic shown with the auction is that of a Fred Barton replica from another persons auction when they were selling a Fred Barton replica. They responded by saying those were the only pics they have. Certainly sounds shady to me.

They relisted the item today with the same pics, that of the Fred Barton model, and a pic of a Forbidden Planet poster.
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