Ebay seller 'gut feeling was wrong'

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Blad, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. Blad

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    I was watching this eBay UK auction for some very tempting items being sold as a job lot - huge mistake IMHO.

    There was a post from an interested buyer that said:
    "This is my best offer for the complete set,my offer stands at $3000.00 take it or leave it. Ed"

    Equivalent to £1,691.87.

    The auction ended with a final bid of £852.52..........

    I think the winner got a bargain.

  2. temponaut

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    Thanks for posting the link. The Q&A on the auction page is pretty entertaining. The seller must be kicking himself now for declining that $3000 offer. :(

    Apparently he had 30 people watching the auction. He may have expected a bidding frenzy between snipers in the final seconds. Not an unreasonable expectation, given the apparent value of the items.

    He also notes that the auction was a relist due to an error on his part.

    I guess passing up that $3,000 could be considered another error. :cry
  3. Boba Frett

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    True , very true :p
  4. Lynn TXP 0369

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    I'll bet it gets put back up for auction...
    A seller with private feedback has a buyer win with private feedback, I smell a shill bidder considering how many times the guy bid on it to jack it up...

  5. vaderfanforever

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    Okay, I confess...I know NOTHING about Star Trek prop/items. With the offer of $3000, is that auction worth that much money? Please don't think of this as a stupid question. As I said, I know nothing of ST.

  6. SSRN Seaview

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    He's got a lot of cash tied up in these trek items and should have jumped on the $3000 offer. Looks to me like he expects to get his $5500 investment back. Good luck as trek interest has entered the doldrums.
  7. temponaut

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    Well, you know how it goes. It's worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. In this case, it was worth $3000, but the seller let it go for half that. :unsure

    I think Seaview's right on the money here (pardon the semi-pun). The seller wanted to recoup what he'd paid for the props not so long before. As screen-used pieces (many of them with working electronics, autographs, and letters of provenance from Paramount), they could conceivably have attracted bids much higher than $3000, depending on who happened to notice the auction. But as Seaview noted, given the current waning popularity of ST, it turned out that the seller would have been wise to hop on that three grand when he had the chance.

    20-20 hindsight. :(
  8. hunky_artist

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    they're not screen used even. They're simply replicas that The Star Trek Experience in the Hilton Las Vegas, that they sell for hugely inflated prices..... that's the mad part.
  9. temponaut

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    D'oh. You're right. Just reread the auction text. No mention of being screen-used. :$

    Now I really think the seller should have taken that $3,000. :p

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