Ebay Scammer Alert selling MR Stormy Lids


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I don't know if everyone else will agree but this qualifies as a scam to me.

This guy:


is listing a Master Replicas stormtrooper helmet. In two of the pics he shows the actual helmet you are buying. A Master Replicas ANH CE stunt plastic helmet worth about $200, and in the two pics showing just the helmet he is showing a pic of the very very expensive fiberglass Master Replicas Limited Edition. Worth about $800+. It ain't the helmet you are buying.

I sent this guy a question the last time I saw this listed and it took three tries to finally get this guy to admit it's the ANH CE stunt plastic version. Last time he even had the Limited Edition pictured with the stand and plaque. It went away shortly after I nailed him down on it. Well he's back. He never says what one it is but his pictures are a fraud.

I reported him to Ebay but the report is very limiting and I got a nice don't call us, we'll never call you message. They have no clue and don't seem to care.

Just FYI



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That's Treckfreek. He has recast everything and anything he's ever got his hands on, and very poorly at that. He mostly sticks to Batman recasting but has Ironman and starwars, has C3P0 etc. Bad news and well known for what he is.


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I'm embarrassed to say I would not have known the difference.It's nice to know that we get heads up on stuff like this. thanks everyone....
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