Ebay Robocop Helmet, Twisted-Studios anyone know this seller?


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I've been looking for a good Robocop helmet for a long time, I ran across a seller on ebay, going by twisted-studios, selling one.

I looked at his pics and the last 4 looked to me to be a lot like the anticlaus helmet from a while back. I contacted him asking if he had any build pics etc and he responded with a standard "my work is top quality ect". I couldn't find those pics anywhere else searching for anticlaus, so I let it go. I wasn't sure on the seller and didn't want to take the risk.

Now the helmet is relisted and his new main pic is one of GeneralFROSTY 's from his kit paint up thread

Anyone know this seller or if has permission to use that pic or any other thoughts?


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Hmmm. On the one hand it's obviously GF's photo so that in itself is hinky. On the other hand, the seller has 100% positive feedback and a high DSR. However to be fair, I looked at about five pages of his "feedback as a seller" comments and two of them were slightly negative. But that's only because ebay did away with the "negative feedback" option. I don't know enough to say more on this subject other than that, but it does give one pause.


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Well, maybe ask General Frosty if he knows who this person is.

The seller's history shows that he's been selling copies of the same kind of things, e.g. Iron man Mk 23 hands. He also uses polyurethane, and for whatever reason, recasters tend to gravitate towards white polyurethane, probably because of ease of duplication.

You might also ask for shots of the interior and compare them against pics in Page 1 of General Frosty's thread.


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Just re-read his product description, and it's possible it's a oneoff. He says it's made of "Lloyd's approved resin and fiberglass", which are different materials than his other current stuff of which he has been selling castings. His castings, if made via pepakura (for example) may be legit. Perhaps ask GF if he had previously sold to this person. A person who offers castings doesn't mean that a one-off made by another automatically means it's an illicit recast.

Here is a sample of the last 153 transactions:


Since more than a year ago, he has not sold anything Robocop related on eBay under this user ID. He has offered products that are fiberglass (Iron Man and War Machine helmets).

Additionally, the eBay seller is based in the UK. I found a mention of "Lloyd's Approved Fiberglass" on this link, and it too is UK-based.


General Frosty is of Aritsan FX Props, and their About page states they are in Pennsylvania. Why people in Pennsylvania need to use UK-based materials is a bit odd, although with my Vader sculpt, my prop-maker - bookface - is based in the UK so he uses UK-based materials.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/afxprops?pnref=about.overview
Web: http://afxprops.com

Don't know what else we can deduce from that.

Good luck!
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I know this Guy he normally makes Iron man stuff through Pepakura foam or card work he is a pretty ok at sculpting as well he uses Premo clay hardened then body filler ive seen his WIP

I just asked him about the Robocop he said was 3D printed as he does a lot of work with the printer now as well and he just cleaned up the helmet sanded and filled it

On the picture in the listing he said it was something he just picked up on google to show a painted helmet lol

I told him about the picture and he said he will change it as soon as he has painted his one and he meant no offence


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My impression was the Frosty just did the paint job as a commission for a client and didn't build the helmet himself.

It does read like this one might be a one off, his other listings were definitly for a run.

Bergerman, the listing states it is a sculpt an doesn't mention 3d printing. The use of GF's pic did throw up a lot of suspicion, if those 4 pics are of the actual helmet/quality and its his own work I'd be in for that, just, my spidey sense is tingling too much.


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Lloyds approved is nothing more than resins that have been good enough for underwriters to put their name on in the event of a claim. E.g. on boat hulls.

Cfsnet is who I used to buy from in the u.k. and they always mentioned it.
I've been using non approved for years with no difference In standard.
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