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On Feb 20 2013 I posted some artwork that was based on mix of pictures that I reworked into a set of blueprints to go with the T-800 Build, as I said in the original post,( http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=113785&page=10 ) I lay no claim to the individual bits used, I just put them together to make the "New" picture, I posted it to the RPF and the Endo Builder Club as well as on my own website and this is not so much a complaint on someone copying/ripping off my work because it was a combination of "others" work anyway, but more a heads up that something I made for you all out there to use for free, is now being SOLD by someone who had absolutely nothing to do with it's creation. I first saw this listing over a month ago at the time I did'nt thing it was such a big deal and if was just my picture I probably wouldn't care, but I now see, they are copying other people work as well..... So.... To anyone who is iterested... You can get this pic and even a few more from my Website FOR FREE http://www.jazcreations.com.au/blue-prints/ and if you know any of the other artist that are being ripped off by these guys please pass this on

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shihang6655 (8949 )

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Hey thanks for heads up, just had a look at your site, love the brain chip tutorial going to make one of those up. Looks awesome.
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