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Discussion in 'Production Made Costumes and Props' started by cylon, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. cylon

    cylon Member

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    I really hate doing this. Ebay is such a horrible place to sell and this is partly due to unserious buyers who bid and then totally disappear. I listed the Aliens Miniature Photo Cutout and the auction ended a week ago. The highest bidder replied once after several attempts of contacting him thru Ebay. He apologyzed for the delay and promised to pay on July 16 which obviously didn't happen. Ebay opened an unpaid item dispute which closed yesterday. The buyer still isn't reachable and don't replies to emails. This behavior makes me furious. It is hard enough to sell a rare piece to pay bills and other necessities. It's even harder going thru this and stressing people to come to terms. I checked his identity and found his facebook account. He has many friends active in the community and likely he's on this forum as well. For respect and privacy I will not post his real name but everybody should at least know his Ebay account names. He has 2. One is leebanq and the second is ttg1966ugr which he seems to use less, according to the feedback history.
    I really don't understand why people bid on items when they cannot afford it or don't have a real interest buying it. If you don't have the money then don't bid and collect something else. My thoughts were that prop collecting was a sort of elite only for mature people but it embarrasses me how naive I was. I am still open for any reasonable explanation from the buyer and perhaps we can close this deal and forget everything.
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  2. Sundowner

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    This has been happening to me a lot lately. Like 1 out of 3 auctions are non paying but eBay barely slaps them on the wrist
  3. PotionMistress

    PotionMistress Sr Member

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    It really HAS gotten out of hand. I don't understand why ebay doesn't hold people culpable for their actions.
  4. Cave_Troll

    Cave_Troll Active Member

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    I have to agree too. I've lost count of the hours I've spent on the phone to ebay to complain about their processes but all they do is regurgitate scripts and fail to apply common sense. I think if someone fails to pay, the seller should be able to leave a negative to warn future sellers.
  5. Moviefreak

    Moviefreak Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    It used to be three non paying wins and you got booted. Now they get away with it over and over and they do nothing.
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  6. SciFiMuseum

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    I was recently asked by a "collector" why a costume I had was a different color than the one used in the movie, I said it was the production made and screen worn but with pieces from different stages of distress in the film making up one complete costume each with their own COA and that the color difference could be a number of factors including lighting, camera stock, filters, etc. and pointed out a screen matched detail. The person then said "but it is a different color." and "there is more than one of them?"

    Needless to say I blocked them from buying from me immediately because I could see a problem coming in advance. I would rather wait for someone that knows what it is, appreciates it for what it is and not give myself a headache down the road-just not worth a few bucks to me. Too many people think they can turn these around quickly for a profit because they saw it on a tv show but don't really understand collecting props and costumes, they later win, get cold feet and feel they don't have to pay if they don't want to. It is becoming all too common. ebay does nothing because they are about the bottom line, making a buck.
  7. cylon

    cylon Member

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    it's a shame how ebay treats their sellers. i remember a decade ago when they blocked an account after 3 unpaid strikes. the buyers were more selective of course but at least they had an incentive to pay. they have lost a lot of sellers and it will go on. they forget that sellers are buyers as well. time will come when nobody is anymore interested in ebay. my orders from it declined constantly in the last years. now they want to split ebay and paypal. it is the beginning of the end.
  8. Predian

    Predian New Member

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    I find many prop sellers list on ebay but after chatting end up dealing direct through yourprops messages and emails instead, ebay just takes their 10% and does not protect their sellers, then you have to get your fee back when the transaction is cancelled. Now that they take from postage too it costs you more if the item sells to an overseas bidder.
    Thanks for the second chance offer for this piece Cylon, the original winner has lost out!
  9. jaganar

    jaganar Active Member

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    well they have changed ( and FLAGRANT schmux with multiple accounts have been doing this for greed for a very long time) since 2008 when they became more OF A SELLER site than when people just sold their trash non stop especially with the FEE'S changing due to the type of product >__> the seller has .

    it doesnt surprise me about someone blatently one upping a genuine buyer with a dummy account tho, cus we all been there ( several times infact and i got so mad once i jacked it up to 100 FOR A CLIVE BARKER TORTURED SOUL toy in 2008 , the person contacted me a week later saying that BUYER said he had issues coming up with the 100 that week , so i was offered the figure for the 75 , my middle bid) at that point i just laughed my A** off and thanked him for the offer.

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