Easy servo motor controller?


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Im going to create the Project Yasuo skin from LoL and need some advice in wiring servos. I would like to put them into the helmet so I can push a button and it opens the visor.
My big problem is, that I dont know how to controll them correctly and what I need therefore. I know that each model airplane is using several of them, but they are allways connect with one "receiver" which is controlled by a remote controller. All I need is a servo with a button with (OPEN/CLOSE) function.

I appreciate each help
My first thought is to make use of an arduino nano micro controller. Using the servo library it is relatively easy to control a servo. However this means you would have to write some arduino code and probably do some soldering but at least this way you have complete control over the mechanism.
I'm of the same school. There is a little learning with Arduino, but once you've unlocked micros as a tool, you find them incredibly useful.

Here's just one for-instance; if you just had a gear motor, the visor would lurch into full-speed motion, and stop just as suddenly. Once you are in micro-land, it is almost trivial to add a ramp up and ramp down so it moves more fluidly.
Thanks for the usefull tipps. Im going to use the servo tester propably but I could use the Arduino for some LED effects in a other project of mine
If you're looking for really simple servo control with input capability, I'd recommend looking at the Maestro controller from Pololu. The controller itself is pretty simple to use, but the real key is the Maestro software. It's a free download (PC and Linux only) that lets you create sequences of frames similar to how keyframed animation works.
Basically, you use sliders to position the servos, then click on the "Save Frame" button. There's still a learning curve, but it's much gentler than the Arduino learning curve for non-programmer types. It also uses the R/C servo 3-pin interface for everything, so you can get standard R/C connectors and wires from your local hobby store.
I'm currently evaluating the Maestro controller for use in a animatronics course, so I can't say for certain that it will be the right one for you, but it sounds like it's worth a look.
Pololu has a YouTube video showing how the software works.

Hope this helps.


P.S. I am not associated with Pololu. I just like their stuff.
Wow, indeed it does looks very usefull for servo motions. I may can use it to set more than just one servo into the mask, so it does have more moving parts. Manay thanks for the hint =D
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