Earl Boen, Actor in ‘The Terminator’ Movies, Dies at 81


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Earl Boen, Actor in ‘The Terminator’ Movies, Dies at 81

Yeah, I had wondered if the franchise might be potentially salvageable. But this straw pretty much breaks the camel's back.

Earl Boen was one of those "Hey, it's that guy!" faces. Once you become aware of him you start seeing him in lots of stuff.
He was in TONS of movies and TV shows.

When he retired from acting in 2003 he started voice over work.

For all of us Purists, It is not a Terminator film if he is not in it
Totally missed this. :( :( :(
Almost wish I had.
His character may not have been in the films that much, but he did make an impact. He was awesome. RIP.

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