Eaglemoss DeLorean Question


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I wanted to reach out to the community to see what people think of the Eaglemoss Delorean. I am assembling one for a friend and I am having all kinds of problems. The tiny screws won't drive into the the metal. My guess is that when the coat it after threading the clog up the wholes. I'm only on kit 12 and I'm getting really frustrated. The screwdrivers they provided and the head of the screws are striping out. I build mechanical assemblies for a living, so I have some experience. What am I doing wrong? I thought everything screwing together would make this easier, but so far I am struggling with this model.


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Yeah, the engineering is iffy a lot of the time. For the screws into metal what I've been doing is use one of the screws (since they give you an extra) held in needlenose pliers to pre-tap the holes. You can get a lot more torque on the screw with the pliers. And yes, you have one shot to screw a screw in with the screwdriver before it strips the head out. So pre-tapping all metal pieces is my #1 tip. Especially on the front suspension assemblies. God, I really about lost my mind on those. I also recommend using different drivers than the kit comes with. I have a bit driver that has two small bits that are perfect, plus they're hardened. I've actually had less stripping of the heads with them.

It's a neat model, but some of it is chintzy, like they really made it so only one tiny screw holds the entire wheel on? I don't get that one. Mine are perpetually wobbly. If I tighten them then they don't turn freely. I would have engineered those way differently. Also the wheels all flip down when I pick it up, so the magnetic idea was good but poorly executed.


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The screws are very cheap quality, some have used a tiny drop of WD40 or something similar to help getting the screws in without stripping the heads.
als get some better screwdrivers, the heads of the screws can even differ between same sets of screws :/

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