Eagle - Replicas Unlimited 23inch


Howdy model fans. Here is my most recent build - the Replicas Unlimited 23 inch Eagle.

This is a resin kit available on the internet at the Replicas Unlimted website for around 150. The castings are clean and fairly accurate, but the kit requires some creative thinking to assemble and some of the small parts are too large and difficult to work with. Overall I would say that for a resin kit and for the money, it can result in a decent build.

Because of the afore-mentioned issues, I did not put a lot of effort into accurizing and detailing. My goal was to build it so it looks fairly realistic from a few feet.

Photo album:
http://s230.photobucket.com/user/ColHero/library/RU Eagle 23 inch?sort=3&page=1

Slideshow (Youtube):


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