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Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by HSM, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. HSM

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    I am rather undecided, I got myself a demilitarized Sterling MK4 to convert into an E11, but don't really know if I should repaint it or leave it as it is.
    The original paint is rather beat up in some points... 2015-06-21 17.21.55.jpg
  2. jkno

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    Depends on how you would like your blaster to finally look and how much of the paint is gone overall.
  3. mmilan

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    I think it looks great as is! Getting the added parts to match will be tricky though.
  4. gunnerk19

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    If you want a replica of a worn out, beat to Hades E-11 you could leave it like it is, but if you want to replicate a "service" E-11 I would repaint it.

    Think about it, if you were a British soldier that was issued that weapon, would you let it get in that poor condition while it was your responsibility to maintain it? The Sergeant Major would flog you no end. If a Stormtrooper allowed his weapon to fall into such disrepair, Darth Vader would probably force choke the poor guy.
  5. Mara Jade's Father

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    Agreed. Unless you are making a weapon of a Trooper who has been stranded alone on a hostile planet for the last 20 years... then maybe. Otherwise paint and optional appropriate weathering.
  6. newmagrathea

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    I would repaint, and I'm jealous. Good find.
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  7. mugatu

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    I vote for repaint.
  8. PoopaPapaPalps

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    I vote repaint....

    ...Then put it in a bag filled with bits and bobs and shake it up.:p
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  9. Prototypical

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    No matter what you decide, it will need some sort of protection. Unless you are going for the "Slowing rusting away to dust look"

    My vote, paint the puppy
  10. widescreen

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    The simple answer is - it depends if you want it to look worn or not.
    If you want it as a 'Display Piece' then I imagine you'd want it to look new.
    If you are going to troop with it - then it would depend on your armour (new or battle worn). BTW - carrying one of these on a troop would be ill-advised - they're bloody heavy after a while. lol
  11. Sym-Cha

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    Leave it as is ... that's the whole point of the used-future appearance of STAR WARS ... make certain to weather all the additional greeblies too ... if you wanted a brand new E-11 of the shelf ... just hand it over to me ... and get a brand new E-11 replica of the shelf instead :) To weather your T-tracks put them on a paper roll of some kitchen whipes ... and run that over some gravel or turmac on the street ... for about half an hour or until the neighbours start complaining about what the heck it is you're doing :lol

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  12. Fly4v

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    No matter what you do, in time, you will want the other and have to build a second.

    Other than the red and blue it looks great so I'd have to say it depends on the condition of your scope and counter.
    The newer those parts the more I'd refinish the sterling.
  13. HSM

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    The scope I have is a bit used too:
    For cylinders I opted for the ones from Wulfcubdesigns
    Until now I don't have a counter.
    I thing I will reblue / blacken the blank parts of the Sterling. So have it in a semi beaten up state up near, or nearly black from afar.
  14. Marv


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    Suncorite I believe would be the correct paint.
  15. Felice

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    Vote for repaint and some weathering
  16. OdiWan72

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    Get the man a good deal for a counter Felix...you seem to have an UNlimited supply of these ;)

  17. minifig

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    I vote leave it as it is.

    My opinion is that it is 'easier' to create a less weathered replica than to ever try to recreate what nature has already done for you. It might not be screen accurate, or fit in completely with the Imperial background, but I bet it will make a cool looking Star Wars blaster.

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  18. propmainiac

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    We're the sterlings originally parkerized?

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