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I may have posted this before and if I did sorry about double posting. Building a wall display with a backlit panel for my Stormtrooper blaster.im modeling it after the hallway light panels on the Death Star. Im cutting the panel out of plastic but need to know if it would light up better with frosted plexiglass or a white translucent arcrylic. I went to a glass shop and the arcrylic is very expensive. My other less expensive choice is plexiglass that I can sand and frost. I can get the Arcrylic on ebay but most ive found the shipping is expensive


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I built a 501st display once with the hallway light panels and used Opal acrylic, which is translucent white acrylic. The same stuff they use in illuminated sign boxes and it's perfect.

3mm thick is the industry standard size, anything thinner allows too much light and thicker is overkill and more expensive. Most sign shop supply company's carry it in sheets. If you want smaller pieces go to a commercial sign shop and ask to buy their scrap. We used to carry loads of scrap in our shop.

Plexiglass is a brand name for the product material that is acrylic. You could frost clear acrylic but the price difference between clear and white translucent is minimal and it won't look the same.
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