E-11 Blaster from 3D Printed parts and Various other construction


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I have my Anovos Storm Trooper ordered and decided it was time to start my blaster project.
I thought might as well build two to assist with the learning curve and have one to sell in the end to help finance the project.

It is going to be a combination of 3D printed pieces, PVC Pipe and Styrene sheet in varying thicknesses.

We have a local technology workshop in Louisville that offers free access to several 3D printers. You only have to pay for the weight of the piece at a dime a gram, so everything you see in the photo was $19.00 and that includes a duplicate of each piece so I can build two blasters. TOTAL DEAL!

The model was offered as a free download on the Makerbot Thingiverse website courtesy of ProCoPrint3D.
He has every piece available for download but it seems like some pieces would be more time and cost efficient to scratch build.
The printers are very prone to misprints and failures due to being used by so many people who don't know how to troubleshoot and calibrate.
But I am learning as I go and one of the guys that works there has been restarting and troubleshooting my prints when I can't be there.

I can really see the benefit of jumping in and buying one of these in the near future for prop prototyping. Not really suitable for mass production due to the level of cleanup but for creating a one-off or for a master to mold it's pretty cool.

Here are the first pieces from the printer in various stages of clean up. All of then need to be sanded and spot filled to remove the
build layer lines.
• Scope
• Hensltler Counter
• Hensltler Counter Greebie
• Henstler Counter Bracket
• End Cap
• Ammo Compressors large and small - that mount to Magazine Cartridge
• Barrel Cocking Arm
• Rear Sight
• Front Sights
• Magazine Housing Greebie
• Magazine Housing Screw


Front Sights

Rear Sight

I am currently printing the handles and pieces of the folding stock. I hope to be able to have the stock fully operational if it doesn't slow the build down too much.
I'll post photos of the PVC pipe detail with front muzzle and a scratch built Magazine housing and curved magazine.

Let me know your thoughts and any comments are helpful
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Would LOVE to see how the grip turns out, particualrly how the printer deals with the diamond texture. I'm finding in Canada I can't get a hold of an original sterling grip, and the resin repros all seem to have vanished, and printing might be a reasonable solution.


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Here are the pair of PVC conduit tubes in various stages of completion.
all holes drilled and cleaned out of both.
One has the rest of the cut outs completed. the other has not.

The Muzzle ends were cut from 3mm styrene sheet ans laminated together.
I bought a big box of assorted sized Allan screws and found a few to insert in the top

Here are a pair of the larger curved Magazines and the housings.
Still have to add the assorted greebies and screws to the housings.
These were created from 3mm and 1mm styrene sheet plastic.
IMG_5186.jpg IMG_5187.jpg


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This project looks quite cool. I love the idea of using 3d printing for prop making, especially blasters like this.
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