Dymerski Falcon arrives at a new home!


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Been a while coming but I was finally able to make the trip up to Pa. this past weekend to meet Dean and pick up my new Falcon. This was originally a kit version of the MR bird which Dean assembled and painted. Unlike the production version this one sits level and has a detailed cockpit. Another nice feature is the custom lighting with the rear engine deck and top turret being removable for access to the internal wiring. I believe even the mandibles can be removed from the inside. Well, here she is. I'm very happy!! :D


I know it's been a long time coming, so I'm glad you've got the Falcon of your dreams! I have an MR Falcon painted by Dean, and believe me, I NEVER get sick of looking at it.
Congratulations! This falcon is just devine.
Deans models are perfect! I know that in reality Deans paint jobs looks even MUCH better than pictures can show. I am so jealous.
I've literally been obsessed with the Millennium Falcon since childhood, it really is unnatural.:lol For me, aside from the proper shape/dimensions, the paint-job is the single most important aspect on the Falcon. For whatever strange reason I've been as obsessed with the paint on the 32" bird as with the actual ship itself. I think I've burned an image of every panel, chip, streak & smudge into my head. This one lives up to all my expectations and then some.

The weight is the same. It's identical to the production models in most respects other than it's orientation, the greeblies are all resin and all the access areas were left...well....accessible.

Yep, that is Beautiful !!!:cool, looks like I'll be able to replicate that in a hour or two...not...:lol

I need figures for the cockpit, where'd you get those ? I've tried the guy who did them on here, but no joy..


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