DVDs With The Best Extras?

Paracord Junky

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As we all know, there are about a bajillion different "editions" of every big movie, and unless that movie is STAR WARS, the biggest difference is usually in the Special Features. i'm a sucker for a good making-of; whenever i buy a movie i look for the version with the most/best extras. that said, i'm interested to get your opinions on which (versions of) movies have the best bonus material(like Empire of Dreams, Halloween: a Cut Above the Rest, and the Lord of the Rings DVDs) and the best stand-alone documentaries about a given movie or franchise -things like Halloween: 25 Years of Terror, His Name Was Jason, etc.

(this is just about on-disc special features, not the toys, statues, bookends, and whatnot that are sometimes included with super-duper special box-sets.)

SSgt Burton

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A couple off the top of my head-

Blade Runner the Final Cut: "Dangerous Days" is a 3 1/2 hour documentary on the making of the film.

Alien Quadrilogy- each film has an extensive extras disc and a bonus 9th disc which includes pics from the Laserdisc editions.


The Wolf

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I like a lot of the the DVDs of Warner Bros. Classics like the Adventures of Robin Hood which has a behind scenes, a short film of the trick shot archer that doubled in the film, outtakes and a cartoon and other shorts from the same year.
Some of the Bogart DVDS have nice bonuses also.
I'm now disappointed when there are no special features on a DVD. Some will list chapter selection as a special feature. I'm still waiting for The Shadow to be released with any kind of special feature.