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Hi everyone,

New to the forums. Going to my first Comic Con later on this year in my home town and I am looking to make the NCR Ranger costume. I've already got most of what I need, only thing that is missing is the duster jacket. I've looked everywhere for the pattern for the simplicity matrix patter, seems to be the one that everyone uses however I can find one that's on sale or free. Does anyone have a copy of the file that I could have or point me in the general direction of it.

Im a stone throw away from taking apart my trench coat I've got in the house but would rather not do that.



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Cool to see another NCR ranger fan. I too ran into some issues with trying to make a trench coat. I did two full versions, the best of which was a WWII German trench coat pattern, with the shoulder cape added. The biggest issue with sewing the coat comes from how it will hang, specifically over the chest plate. Critically, it needs to be oiled, in order to achieve proper stiffness, and frankly achieving uniformity of the oiled color is a bear. If you look at the promo images, you can see that the coat is far darker than it appears in engine. The only reasonable means for achieving this i have found is to purchase an Australian duster coat, often called to as a "DRY-AS-A-BONE/ dryasabone". most run between 50, and 300 dollars, but from time to time the come up one ebay. Best of luck, and sorry about the pattern difficulties.

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