Durable "metal looking" finish.


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I was weondering if anyone here knows of a way to replicate a polished copper and aluminum fish that would be durable enough for daily handling?
I don't want to cast the parts in metal because it would be too expensive.

I thought maybe if Bare Metla foil were covered in enough clear coat maybe?
It is for my 11th doctor sonic screwdriver which I am modifying into an e - cig.

Any help, thoughts, suggestions and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you



What's the failure scenario? Is it peeling up? I think metal foil tape is the best method. Clear coat's not going to do much for you I don't think. But you may be able to glue the edges or corners down to stop it peeling up. Beyond that maybe wrapping in clear tape. Hard to say without a better picture of the surface in question and the method of failure.


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Plus, what is the exposure to heat? That will affect some tape adhesives...
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There is no failure yet, I am trying to make my plastic Dr who Sonic screwdriver look like copper and aluminum and just to be difficult I also want it to be durable enough for daily handling.

I thought the clear coat might seal the bare metal foil?
are there copper and aluminum tapes out there? would they stand up to daily use?

As far as heat there won't be any appreciable heat other than outside temperature or in my pocket.


Yes there are tapes, copper tapes are most often sold in fairly thin widths, they're often used to make circuits. Aluminum tape is more readily available in wider widths. It's often used as an insulating product. Your furnace is probably "attached" to its ducting with it.

There's no reason for either of there to fail and they are real metal, neither will take well to compound curves, and the ends are the only place they may be vulnerable to damage.

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What about Alclad lacquer? Seems pretty tough, tape doesnt bother it much. Not sure have never handled that daily. Lacquer is pretty tough though.


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Thanks for the advice guys, but it looks like I may just have to bite the bullet and spring for a metal sonic screwdriver, then I won't have to worry about durability.