Duplicolor Chrome enamel spray paint question

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by CelticRuins, Jun 3, 2015.

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    I've seen several builds use this spray enamel before, but I'm having an issue with it not wanting to fully harden.

    I've laid down glossy black has a primer and the the Duplicolor primer it suggests on the can on two seperate test pieces, yet a few days after paint tests, I'm getting finger prints, smudges and nicks in the paint. I've prepped the surface before laying down the primer, followed most of the steps, but yet it's still giving me this issue.

    Has anyone else had this problem? I've heard somewhere that this type of enamel could take upwards of a month or more to fully harden. Any truth to this?

    Thanks guys!
  2. Sterling20

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    What are you painting? and did the glossy black fully dry?
  3. SofaKing01

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    Hi C,

    I've had the same issues with my build. You have to play the waiting game when it comes to the "chrome" like paint. I'll leave my parts to dry for almost a week before I "really" begin to handle them. However, most of the parts I paint are stuck to a panel and not messed with. :) However... there is an alternative.

    I discovered an amazing chrome spray from Spaz Stix! Its AMAZING! The first few coats are a total departure from what I was used to. You can even buff the paint after 3-4 coats. It's not cheap (8-12 dollars a can) but it's the best "chrome in a can" I've seen so far. The manufacturer claims the more coats you apply the deeper the reflection.


    I hope this helps! :)
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    Chrome paint sucks! I painted an Iron Man helmet chrome once. Left it for several days, maybe even a week. I went to pick it up and fingerprints. I had to strip the whole thing. What a mess and a nightmare. Good luck. Never again for me!
  5. CelticRuins

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    It's a plastic cast Winter Soldier arm. And yes, I always wait the specified drying time before laying down a coat.

    I have heard people talk about that paint brand before too...trying to keep this as low cost as I possibly could. It'd be awesome if the Duplicolor would work out. It looks great with a glossy black under coat!

    Has anyone used a wax/clear coat over the top of the Duplicolor with any success?
  6. CelticRuins

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    Ugh that's what I was afraid of.

    If worse comes to worse I'll try the Spaz Stix brand.

    I'm gonna do maybe one more pass through with a VERY light coating each time and see if that helps. This stuff is made for automotive parts both metal and plastic...it * well better not fudge up!
  7. division 6

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    You want to use lacquer not enamel.
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  8. Hazmat

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    Yes i tried it with a dupli color clear coat and it turned from chrome to crappy, milky grey garbage. I tried a few times, it never worked out well.
  9. logan74k

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    My .02 but maybe not in time to help you on this one -

    I believe when doing a chrome spray process over a gloss black, you want to reeeeally make sure that gloss black is completely fully dry, so there is no solvent from the chrome etching the surface and/or intermingling of coats. Listed dry times on paint cans are notoriously iffy and very dependent on humidity and temperature. If your gloss black was also an enamel, 3 days is an often recommended wait time to topcoat, preferably in a warm dry spot.

    I've also been impressed with Spaz Stix chrome, as I just used it on a rush project with a fully dry black enamel gloss undercoat, and it was cured enough to buff by hand in 10 hours at 90 degrees. This was a single coat which I would describe as light to medium. Just enough to cover all angles and see the chrome effect.
    Also, I was able to scumble an acrylic wash on and off and re-buff as desired without significantly marring the chrome effect. I was pretty impressed. As far as long term durability though, I don't expect miracles. I will report results back if I try future as a clear topcoat.
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