Interest Dune Still Suit (Cloth parts that go under the armor)


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I've been working on a design for the Dune (2021) still suit. At least at first I'm just looking at doing the cloth portion that goes under the rubber looking armor. It will be made of cloth and neoprene sheets and tubes. Here's a drawing of what I have so far:

Whole Suit 2.jpg

This is a shirt and... overalls, I guess is the best name for the article of clothing. Pants that come up to the chest with straps over the shoulders.
I don't know the price yet, but I'm guessing around $1,000.


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I did notice that the belts that they used definitely featured Cobra buckles. I'm not sure exactly what brand they used for the belt but I know I've seen it before... or very similar.

The pants look a lot like a pair of Crye Precision combat pants. The way they have that hole for the knee pad makes me think they at least got some inspiration there. I've never personally seen or used a pair so I can't speak to their effectiveness. But it may help you figure out the construction.

Plans look amazing, I look forward to seeing more!


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Any updates you can share?
We're working on design details and getting the custom fabric made. It's not a quick process, but we've also been preoccupied with some other projects we started first, and I'm hoping very soon we can start posting updates.

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