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Hey all, I'm excited to finally start offering these! They'll be available as two options, a finished replica and as a kit.

The finished replica is, well, exactly that. A fully finished prop replica ready for display.

Shield Generator 1.jpg
Shield Generator 2.jpg

Shield Generator 3.jpg

The kit is the DIY version and includes raw resin 3D Prints, elastic, hardware, and masking stencils. They will also include assembly instructions as well as some finishing tips.

Shield Generator Kit.jpg

Finished replicas will run $85 with free US shipping, while the kits are $40 with free US shipping. Both the finished replica and kit can also have a wrist display stand added on. These are 3D Printed in PLA and are $15.

Shield Generator Stand.jpg

I'm starting with a run of 5 finished replicas, and I've already started prepping those for paint. These are available to preorder and should be ready to ship later this month.

Kits are also available to order now as well, and can start shipping next week.

If you are interested in ordering please send me a PM.


  • Shield Generator Kit.jpg
    Shield Generator Kit.jpg
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