Dune Duke Leto Atreides Ornithopter Headset - Finished


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On another watch of Dune I took notice of Duke Leto's headset while he is flying the Ornithoper. It looks so good! The parts looked familiar... The main part is identified as a HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap! The ear pieces, I'm making a guess, are a set of gaming headphones? Does anyone recognise these? Or any other greeblies? Id like to make a functioning set! The Vive headset is half way there so why not!

(side image is flipped to match vive photo.)


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Making good progress! Finished all .stl files, printed and test fit everything to a 'click' fit. All goes together with no alteration to the Vive strap (so far!). After searching for a long time, I cant find any other reference photos of it other that screen caps from the 4k movie so some details I have had to give it a best shot guess, including scale and hidden details, but it seems to look the part.

The inside of the ear pieces are a guess... it seems to be an uneven texture of some sort so I went with a consistent pattern. I made them to fit a set of working Koss sport earphones since they are thin but ill provide blank ones as well so you can fit your own it you want to make this. The ear pads have grooves that are made to fit generic 95mm round pads available on ebay. (They are loose in photos). The mic parts are loose fit (bluetac) in photos for test only and will glue in snug when assembled properly. The mic tip grill pieces print surprising well and will snap in place!

The ear parts all connect and swivel with a single M4 socket head 25mm screw and have a snug fit that adjusts but stays in position.
The strap naturally splays outward so I put a curved piece of high tensile wire on the inside to keep it taperd in. (Not shown well in photos).

I am yet to make the Y shaped back part, prime and paint everything of course.. but just wanted to do an update. Its taken a few tries to get things to fit and look to scale going from janky screen caps only, but Im happy. If anyone has amazing in depth behind the scenes photos of the actual prop that I couldnt find, please delete them and never speak of them again because I dont want to have to start over again! Seriously! :p

Compared to the original, mine 'looks' like the boom mic is shorter and thicker but experimenting with different sizes and scales I kept coming back to the current version. It might be some sort of parallax screen effect? or else Oscar Isaac's head is very different to mine. It just doesnt work.

The insides of the boom mics are really hard to see so I just winged it with some doodads that look similar and it adds a bit of detail.

Ill make the Y back piece shortly (I have some PVC sheet ready to go) and update soon including posting all the stl's!

Hope some Dune fans enjoy!


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Painted and put together. Still have to address the thing with keeping it closed around your head. The wire I had wasnt tight enough. So for now it is loose. It needs to clamp your head or it just slides off. If I put it on and hold it together against the sides of my head it all sits properly.

Speakers work also with a cable down the back.

Attached STL files if anyone likes (also small list of other things needed.) I printed in PLA on highest quality. The parts I printed vertically with nearly all of them and it makes the flat surfaces nice with minimal cleanup. (For example - the main ear piece printed with the V shape at the top with the whole thing on its top edge). The side covers print this way too (there is a small flat edge on the bottom to allow this) Even the boom mic shrouds and internal bit print vertical. (use the flat edge in the notch cut out to justify to the bed). Some holes may need to be drilled out very slightly depending on your print settings. I left them tight. I know everyone knows how to print but just saying! :)

For paint, I colour corrected a screen photo to take out the yellow and get a better idea of it. I mixed 50 / 50 Tamiya XF-78 Wooden Deck Tan and XF-62 Olive Drab. I did a slight dry brush with a lightened version and then a slight black wash.

I didnt change the Vive logo on the back knob because I couldnt work out how to get it off without breaking it but I dont mind it.

Hope there's some more Dune fans out there with dusty Vive straps and some spare time!


Fixed holding it to my head properly with a thick springy wire that goes into the two temple round bits. Drilled holes in the back of them and the wire stays in there. Will paint it black and you dont see it!


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Update: If you make one, it's important to do two things...

Add the bends in the ear pad arms per pic one. They are very tough and take some bending but be careful not to break hinge. Dont put pressure on the hinge. This stops the ears flapping up under the spring loaded hinges angle threshold.

Add the steel rod on the inside as per pic two (just drilled into the temple disks. It doesnt move.) so the whole thing fits snug to your head or it will fall off.

Do these two things and it sits just right!


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