Want to Buy Dune Crysknife (movie version)

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I once bought a lovely resin kit, but gave it to a friend. It had a great organic feel and slightly elongated markings around the hilt (I've seen ones with round holes on the hilt but that doesn't look as good IMO). Thanks!


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"Round holes on the hilt" IS the movie version:

crysknife new 2.jpg

"Slightly elongated markings around the hilt" sounds like the old Grey Zon Studios knife, which was based on the concept drawing:

GreyZon crysknife.JPG

proto crysknife.JPG

Unfortunately, they're long out of production and pretty much impossible to find (an original, anyway). For a while there was at least one eBay seller that was selling recasts, but I wouldn't recommend that.