Dune (2021) Still Suit: Design


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Dune isn't out in the US yet, but I've been loving the look of the trailers for a while now. The Still Suit is among the most complex costumes I've seen probably since Tron: Legacy, but... I want to try it.

From what I can tell, there is a mess of torso armor made of rubber sheets and tubes, and there is an undersuit below it. I'm starting there, using fabric and neoprene.

Here is the design as far as I can tell so far. There's multiple layers, which aren't carefully separated in this image, to both the pants and the shirt.

I called it "pants" but really it's more of overalls. There's a shirt (with weird stuff going on at the sleeves) and there's pants that go up to the middle of the chest.

Whole Suit 2.jpg

I plan to have this made and offer it to others to purchase as well.

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