Dune 2021 Sardaukar helmet and costume


Hey, just starting up a thread on the Sardaukar costume from the new Dune film, I couldn't find one but please let me know if I missed it. I really like the design and silhouette of these suits and especially the helmets, although they can look a bit bulky in some shots. The suits were designed by Keith Christensen, his Artstation has some really good references for other Dune costumes as well; https://www.artstation.com/keithchristensen

I haven't seen much discussion about this costume, but I'd love to hear what people think!
I've also attached all of the reference materials I've got so far, enjoy!


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This thread didn't seem to go anywhere. Were you able to build a costume? I've been curious about the Sardaukar blades, there are little or no clean images that I can find. Whereas I can find the Atreides blades quite easily.

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