Limited Run Dune 2021 Duke Leto Atreides ring


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Gold plated cast stainless steel, green gems on sides, black patina.

Photo is of the prototype ring.
Final ring will differ in finish appearance, more closely matching art book/screen used prop in regards to the black that will be added. More photos ~early/mid Jan.

This is a pre-order. I hope to ship by the end of January or early February 2022.

Preorder price is $55, will be $60 once I start shipping.
Final version pics:




I've been making the previous version of this ring for many years and will of course be doing the new one. With the release of the film I was finally able to get some high res reference shots so I could get started on this. I'd love to be able to get these shipped by the end of the year but it's more likely going to be in January. They'll be made of metal and gold plated with black in the recessed areas.

Target price of $55.

More prototype pics in post #110


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