Dune 2020 Crysknife and sheath set. V2.0 UPDATED MODEL .


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So here's a replica of the Crysknife from Dune 2021.

3D SLA printed in resin by Corellia Creations. Knife and sheath set.

The prints will be made to order. They normally take 5 days for production lead time upon order confirmation.

We printed it in tougher resin which has a greenish tinge. We can also print it in standard white resin which might help with the paint job.

Here's the prototype. It's been primed grey to show the details.

The blade and handle were printed separately for ease of painting.

The sheath can be printed with or without the leather cord.

It's got a good weight to it.

Blade length is 48cm or 19 inches.

Price is $75 usd each + Shipping

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Just ran across this...


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