Dune 2020 Atradies Blade and Sheath


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I have been playing with the idea of doing a run of these. If interested post here and if enough are interested I will do a run. These are as accurate as I can make them with the available data so far, and I have seen nothing else out there. These will be cast in resin from a 3d print with a rod in the blade to make them stronger.

No idea yet on cost, the more that sign up the cheaper it will be. I am not out to gouge the community. ;)

I am thinking that I will include the wrap for the handle. I am also working on the Shield Module. Keep an eye out for that.




OK. Just to let you know. I have finished the prototype and it looks great. I also did the "holster" and the Shield generator they wear on their arm. I will be including them in the set, so sword, holster and shield.

Awesome!! Looking forward to seeing it!

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