Dumbledore Necklace


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I do chainmaille as a hobby and I've been wanting to make Dumbledores necklace for a long time but the problem I have are the side clasps


The necklace itself is a Byzantine and I can pop out about 5' an hour using 16 gauge galvanized steel which I think that is made out of just painted and tarnished. It's definitely not brass. Would someone maybe like to help me track down the side ornamentation. I'm thinking the stone is catseye.

Any help would be appreciated.


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they do look clasped on the sides to keep his cloak from falling off his shoulders. As for what they are, I couldn't help with that. Sorry.


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It appears to be a clasp and not a necklace. He didn't wear it all the time, the purpose looks to prevent his gown/cape thing from falling off his shoulders.

I need a cleaner shot of this.

I thought the clasp was a crescent but it is not. It is a curved triangle.



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gmprops Which one were you watching? I'll have to bust it out today.

From the photo's it looks there there is some sort of lattice work inside the triangle. Not too complex. I should be able to model it without a problem.


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Deceptive chain. The rings aren't round. They are oblong which makes the degree of difficulty a bit higher.
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