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Hi there! Dumbledore is my favourite character and I‘ve always been fascinated with all the magnificent items in his office. I would particularly love to recreate the top of his desk. If anyone of you had close up photos or even information on the items on there it would be amazing if you‘d post them here!


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I also love all the props in Dumbledores office. A couple of years back a friend gave me a brass sundial that she said her parents brought in India. I was rewatching goblet of fire the other day and noticed Dumbledore had the exact same sundial on his desk!


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thanks, just wish I knew if it was made for the movie or if it was a thrift shop find?
As Adam Savage says "Think of it from a prop-makers pov". If they aren't going to have time to make, cast and paint a prop then they will just find something to fit the requirements of the shot. So, i'd say it's a found item.