Duke Nukem Forever Demo Released


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Being a First Access club member, I received my demo key for Duke Nukem Forever today. I logged into Steam and downloaded.

Within minutes I'm watching the opening sequence for the new game. As expected, Duke is a brash as ever. Talking smack when the opportunity presents itself. Instead of a life counter, he has a Ego counter.

In the demo, you fight the boss on the football field first after hitting the head to take a leak (as shown in many of the trailers).


After completing that level, you see Duke lounging in his living room with an Xbox controller in hand and two chicks giving him a *******.

Then your off to drive his big honkin monster truck (with poor gas mileage). You know this is gonna be fun with Duke muttering the words - WTF! More shenanigans ensue with gun fire, pipe bombs, and my favorite - the shrink gun.

The demo ends with Duke finding some gas for his truck.

Overall the graphics look great, sound effects and one liners were awesome, and the chicks were cool. The demo is short so don't expect more than about 30 minutes of play time.

Found it. They don't make it straight forward. Can't do it through the website - have to download their app and find the place to put a code inside there.
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I'm hoping it's just an implied hummer and you dont actually see his dong lol

Which reminds me of one of the few things Ron White has said that's truly fing funny:

"I told him, "We're all gay, buddy. It's just to what extent are you gay." He says, "That's bull****, man, I ain't gay at all!" I said, "Yes, you are and I'll prove it." He says, "Fine, prove it." I said to him, "All right- do you like porn?" He says, "Yeah, I love porn, you know that." I said, "Do you only watch two women together?" He said, "Naw, I watch a man and a woman make love." I said, "OK, do you want the guy to have a tiny, half-flaccid penis?" He said, "Naw, man, I like big, hard, throbbing co- (stunned pause) ...I did not know that about myself."
I wanted to use my graduation money to get this game or Marvel vs. Capcom 3, my dad won't stop complaining though he wants the damn game too :D
Demo was fun, but it looks like the graphics are about 3-4 years old. I've got a Geforce 260 and it defaulted all my settings to 'Ulta'. Edges seemed jagged here and there to me running at 1920x1200. Maybe i'll play with some AA, i dunno. I was never much on that for games and the default for me was FSAA.

I do understand they're having to work with stuff 10ish years old, too.

I also found it funny that the intro lists 5 different games companies :)
Outlander, that's some super fast service. You're lucky. I just had an order ship almost 2 weeks late. I'm going to hold off and get this used or when it's 20.00 new.
I was going to get the deluxe box set of Duke but everyone said it wasn't worth it and started canceling so it may be on sale soon. 100 seemed pretty steep to me. I don't think i paid that much for the new vegas box set. plus you can always find these things broken down on ebay in a week.
Ah, I just want the game but can't buy it unless it's under $30 cause my parents will freak otherwise.

I wanted to use the $60 I got from one of my parents friends as a graduation present to pay for it and I couldn't hear the end of their Whining and Complaining about wasting my money. Mainly my dad, he just want to to hold on to my money and never use it or to buy things he likes.
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