DShKM machine gun, full size.


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I saw the mighty dushka in a museum one day. I had to have one but I was neither rich or old enough to buy a deactivated DShK. A few years passed and I got my first 3d printer. I used it a lot, my first major project was M2HB by TazMan2000. It came out really well so I decided to give the soviet fifty a shot. I got in contact with m2's creator and after some time I had a 1-1 scale model, scaled up from 1/4. I printed it but was not satisfied with the result. It was quute blocky and not really the right size.
Then I found a digital blueprint of a DShKM (1946 modification) matching the real dimensions perfectly. I decided to make it printable. At first, I thought it was easy but oh boy was I worng. It took me about 2 months to finish the conversion as I'm still quite inexperienced in using CAD software.

Here is my result. It's far from finished but I really like what comes off the printing bed. It fits the real mount and can be fed with real ammo (deactivated in my case) with the original belt. It has a opening top cover, will have a movable trigger and folding rear sight.

It's glued together with resin and reinforced with steel rods (5 and 10mm) and a copper pipe (15mm).

It of course is non firing.

This project was inspired by the aforementioned TazMan2000's M2HB, without it I probably would never have even imagined such a thing.

There is still a lot of sanding ahead. I will be updating this thread as my dushka evolves!


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Thanks for the affirmation Josef.
The M2HB was my real first large project and I had several headaches with that one as well. But as you design more, you will get better and get more familiar with the software and thusly design things better than you ever thought you could.

Feed block was redesigned. It's movable now. Alsoz redesigned the rear sight.


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