DS9 Blood Sample Hypospray


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While I'm waiting on paint to arrive, and while I try to figure out the correct hypospray colors for TNG and DS9 hypo versions, I've decided to get an extra Stapleton hypo kit and try to convert it to the blood sample version used by Bashir to screen for Changelings. From what I can tell, it's mostly a standard hypospray but with a modified top piece and a tube to hold the blood sample vials.

I found some of these, BD Vacutainer tubes, used for drawing real blood samples:

A little corn syrup and food coloring later, and voila! Human and Vulcan blood samples:
Blood Samples.jpeg

I'll post more later, once I start on the actual tool. I'm also going to try using some Elmer's glue slime (with food coloring added) for a "changeling sample" vial as well. (Hopefully the fake blood and slime won't dry out in the tubes any time soon!)

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