DRIVE (2011) Scorpion Satin Jacket


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I saw the amazing Drive last night and fell in love with the jacket. Is there anybody out there who's planning on making a replica? Magnoli perhaps?



Here's a link for an interview with the costume designer. The jacket was made by Richard Lim of High Society.
Hey if you find out anything on this jacket would you let me know I would appreciate it so much I'm trying to find it too if you get ahold of Richard lim i wanted to call down there too and find out a quote!
[...]One question... do you think the scorpion on the back is an applique or painted on?
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After seeing the movie, I can confirm it is embroidered.

Really? I the shots of seen of the back the right side of the scorpion always has a shadow, making it look like it's painted that way. Embroidered designs are usually more "flat" in appearance (as far as highlights and shadows within the image). By "embroidered" do you mean that the entire scorpion is like a typical woven patch?

If anyone has better images of this jacket (especially the back) please post or e-mail them to me.

I will keep looking for better images, I tried finding some high-res last night but no dice. In the biggest images I saw it looked embroidered too, like the scorpion was casting a small shadow on the rest of the jacket.





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Those are great. Yes, it could be embroidered... interesting design.

Anyway, unless the embroidery turns out to be more expensive than anticipated. Also, keep in mind that these will be fully tailored to your specs for a perfect fit.

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It looks like the scorpion has 2 color, one for the shadow and one for the rest of the body. Please let us know when you have a sample of the jacket or a sketch.

The embroidery of the scorpion is definitely two has two colors: one yellow and the other darker yellowish gold. I spoke to Richard Lim today and they did not do the embroidery but did assemble the jacket. It took them a couple of attempts to get the jacket the way the director wanted it to look as there is diamond stitching in the satin and the satin is silver color not white.
Very cool's not just your simple satin bomber style jacket...the diamond stitching and two tone color embroidery jacket will be key elements to the jacket. as well as the envelope style armpits....would love to see samples once this is made.
Oh, man.
I have the need to turn male costumes into female ones (a la Han Solo, Shaun of the Dead), and I'm drooling over this jacket!

That's a lot of cash though. :(

I might just have to peruse the local vintage shops and see what I can dig up for now.
Great pictures everyone!

So the colors are brown and cream, really. Ok... so, who's going to be first? ;)


well I read the interviews and they said it was white. I guess off white. I would rather have it in black than dark brown. [...]
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There is no way we'll be able to have one of these done by Halloween. It's possible we could have a prototype ready by then, but if the pattern needs tweaking, etc, they'll be no time left. If anyone wants one bad enough for Halloween, we could give it a go, but I can't guarantee we'll get all the details perfect first time out.

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